Securing the identity perimeter is
a difficult challenge for organizations!

The simplest way to solve this problem is


IAM Platform for small and medium enterprises

"Paying for more than what you need has no value!"
Small and medium businesses struggle to find a solution to address
their identity and access control challenges. They are often overwhelmed with the need for heavy pre-requisites, demand for highly specialized skills but yet not getting the desired value in short duration.

ThoughtAccess, a SaaS based IAM platform, specially designed for small and medium businesses provides critical identity and access controls that are simple yet wholesome and helps reducing their identity and access related risks in a DIY model.

Risk Driven Approach
Dashboard providing overall identity risk score and risk factors allowing easy prioritization of remediation.
Unified Access View
360o view of user access providing clear insights into the aspects of Who, What, When, and Why.
Role Based Access Control
Enables organizations to set up a simple role-based model to achieve better governance and maintainability.
Access Review
Allows periodic review of access
to remove unwarranted access
elements in a timely manner.
Advanced Authentication
Provides single sign-on to applications and devices and multi-factor authentication for critical access.
Ease of Implementation
No heavy pre-requisites such as integration with HR system or Active Directory.
Ease of Integration
Integration of applications/systems in a few clicks through Do-It-Yourself onboarding forms and templates.


IAM Consulting & Professional Services

"Know what your customers want most and what your company does best.
Focus on where those two meet."

We also provide IAM consulting and professional services to help organizations improve their Identity and Access Management maturity through following offerings:

IAM Assessment

Guide organizations understand their current state maturity and to prioritize and plan their IAM investments that will help them to reach their desired target state maturity

IAM Product Evaluation

Assist organizations choose right fit IAM product(s) that best suit their requirements aligning to overall IT strategy through a paper or proof-of-concept based objective evaluation

IAM Cleanup Analysis

Provide meaningful insight into identity and access related data with the help of deep identity analytics methodology allowing to clean unwanted data and enrich the required ones

Role Modelling

Help to set up or enhance role modelling for access control that ensures better governance and compliance with our deep understanding of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) principles

About Us

"We provide Cognitive Cyber Security Solutions"

We are a young technology firm focused on Cyber Security.
Our specialisation is Identity and Access Management.

Founders of the organization bring in more than fifty years of Information Technology expertise, having worked in diverse roles with leading IT firms serving top-tier business conglomerates across the globe.

Our mission is to provide Cognitive Cyber Security Solutions to address the challenges faced by small and medium enterprises.


Paul Naveen Raj



20 years in IT Consulting, Customer Engagement & Solution Design; Ran SaaS startup for Indian SMEs.

20 years in Cyber Security, led IAM Consulting & Professional Services for 100+ clients globally.

16 years in IT & Educational ventures, led technology engagements of varying scale

4+ years in IAM, Implemented IAM programs for multiple large customers.


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